The Art of Becoming

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experiencing discontentment and dissatisfaction regarding your financial situation
disappointment regarding the growth of your career
a less-than ideal living situation
a sub-par lifestyle.

This is an intensive 30-day course geared toward getting you energetically and physically aligned and familiarized with the person you desire to be most. This is not about some magical process of “manifesting the life you deserve”. It’s about seeing results.

I want my students to see noticeable differences in their lives after just 30 days.

We delve deep into your individual astrology chart so you can understand more deeply what you need to access and accentuate within your life to invite greater prosperity into your life. We make decisions and act on them immediately using the Tarot to guide us on a daily basis.

This course will not take you from 0-100 in 30 days… but it will get you clear and focused and get you far along the path at a pace that your soul has been begging for you.

Day 1: Introduction Day 2: New Self Concept Day 3: Back Engineering Our Goals Day 4: The "Real" First Day Day 5: Astrology Lesson #1 – Jupiter Day 6: Astrology Lesson #2 – Lot of Fortune Day 7: Astrology Lesson #3 – Sun Day 8: Astrology Lesson #4 – Mars Day 9: Astrology Lesson #5 – Chiron Day 10: Astrology Lesson #6 – Moon Day 11: Astrology Lesson #7 – North/South Nodes Day 12: Astrology Lesson #8 – Saturn Day 13: Astrology Lesson #9 – Venus Day 14: Astrology Lesson #10 – Mercury Day 15: Reset & Review Day 16: Self-Love & Integration Day 17: You've Always Been Aligned Day 18: Mirror Work Day 19: Past Successes Review Day 20: Future Self Day 21: Draconic Chart Pt. 1 – Introduction Day 22: Making Better Choices Day 23: Draconic Chart Pt. 2 – Aspiration & Perspective Day 24: Readiness Day 25: Aspiration Day 26: Positioning Day 27: Making it Risky Day 28: Big Task Reflection Day 29: Decisions Day 30: Last Day!