Financial Analysis – NOT a live session (Approx. 60 Minutes)


Step into the realm of abundance and prosperity with this specialized Tarot and Astrology coaching session centered on finances and money. Unlock the secrets of your financial destiny as we blend the ancient wisdom of tarot with the cosmic insights of astrology to illuminate your path to wealth and success. Through personalized readings and astrological analysis tailored to your unique birth chart, we’ll delve into the energetic currents shaping your financial landscape, revealing hidden opportunities, obstacles, and strategies for financial growth. Whether you’re seeking to manifest abundance, overcome financial challenges, or align with your highest financial potential, this transformative coaching session offers practical guidance and spiritual wisdom to empower your journey toward financial freedom. Embrace the power of the universe to manifest prosperity and abundance in your life today.

This is NOT a live session – I will take the information you submit and perform the reading within 7-10 days and deliver it when it’s completed!

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