Jane’s Soul Seeker Group – ANNUAL

$190.00 / year

Jane’s Soul Seeker Group is for people who are already taking their own spiritual growth and development in stride and are learning and developing each and every day – just like I am! I will be developing EXCLUSIVE content for the members of this group that will not be accessible anywhere else.

So, what else do you get access to when you join?

  • New Moon & Full Moon astrology readings
  • Weekly General and Love readings for each zodiac sign as an extension of the Love Energy readings on YouTube published on Friday
  • Major Astrological Transits – we go in depth on all the upcoming transits, such as retrogrades, important conjunctions and aspects, ingresses and more!!
  • Interactive Q&A Videos – you will be able to submit questions and I will publish a Q&A Videos once a month (not a live, though)
  • “Following Venus” – a segment that analyzes the planet Venus in terms of Love, Money and Self-Worth and how to navigate wisely.
  • NEW!!! Educational Videos – we will include astrological and tarot education videos so you can go deeper into the interpretations of your own astrology charts and your own tarot meditations. We will unpack the meaning of the planets, the houses, the transits, aspects and each tarot card. This will be a slow series that unfolds consistently over the next couple of months and years!