Soul Purpose/Draconic Chart – 1:1 One Zoom Astrology Reading (Up to 90 Minutes)

$497.00 90 minutes

LIVE ZOOM READING – The reading will be approximately 90 minutes long. We will utilize both Tarot & Astrology to answer your specific questions.

After ordering, we will connect via email to schedule the best date/time for our session! 

The Draconic chart is a variation of your birth chart that gives you insights into what we call your “Soul’s Purpose”. It is essentially telling you that which your life purpose (natal chart) is aligned. This life is in context with something much bigger. Understanding your Draconic Chart/Soul’s Purpose can help you to make better decisions that actually feel really good. It’s also helpful in bringing understanding to WHY your natal chart is the way it is. Certain placements in your natal chart are meant to be leveraged toward the Soul’s Purpose and can be exceptionally helpful in doing so, making your life much easier at times of uncertainty.


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